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This part simplifies dropping a standardized set of components you need to have a strong “About” section of your app. You configure the things you like in a plist and add the view controller to your app. There is even an in-app-support section with FAQs and a scrollview with icons of all your apps, showing which apps are already installed.


  • Configure the layout completely in a localizable plist
  • Just create an DTAboutViewController and pass the PList
  • Add full size logos or images
  • “Follow Us on Twitter” button opens the user’s twitter client for direct following
  • “Review on iTunes” directly opens the review page on the mobile app store
  • Open local or remote HTML documents staying in your app. If there is a waiting time a big activity indicator is shown.
  • Open InApp-Email for support or feature requests
  • App Scroller – PList with info about your apps is displayed and paginated. Installed apps are detected and can be displayed with an additional badge. PList updateable via server.
  • FAQ Table – display a localizable list of frequently asked questions. Each question can have a long answer including hyperlinks and phone numbers which is displayed on an extra view
  • Your custom views can be used for your own row types
  • Custom actions can be attached to buttons

Price: 200 EUR

Apps using this component:

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