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One Month since XcodeJobs Relaunch

Time flies. It’s already 4 weeks since we relaunched on February 1st. At this point it is reasonable to inspect some of our metrics to determine how it is going so far.

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XcodeJobs v2

In 2012, when I had been working full time in iOS development for 2 years, I used to frequently see tweets about companies looking for Apple developers. This is why I established the @XcodeJobs twitter account because I felt it would make most sense to retweet those job offers with a dedicated channel.

My thinking was that if you were looking for your next iOS gig you would just follow this channel and – once you found it – you could simply unfollow it. At the same time I wouldn’t spam people who are not looking for a job with these job offers.

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We’re Hiring

Our business has outgrown our capacity. Cocoanetics has 2 large clients with long-term projects plus is successfully selling components that need to be polished and maintained. Add to that our visibility and you can imagine that we get frequently approached with interesting projects that we have to often turn away. “We” refers to myself, Oliver Drobnik and my partner Rene Pirringer. We love to develop and polish apps and are having a blast.

As it currently looks the momentum of the markets we are in is speeding up, not slowing down.

So we are looking to hire …

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Working Remotely – Remotely Working?

We at Cocoanetics love to hear your thoughts on any and all topic related to iOS development. Today’s guest post is by  Cory Wiles on facing the challenge of  businesses not yet seeing the light of a remote workforce.

I am an iOS/PHP developer, lover of all things mobile, Apple and BMW. I try to live by the Art of Simplicity.

My contract with my current employer is soon to end so I have been putting my resume out on the “internets” and searching for what I would like to do next as far as employment. I get about 2 – 3 calls/emails a day about job openings, especially with contract gigs. I have a few big companies that I have interviewed with that I am really psyched about.

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iOS Jobs Rundown

When I saw this creative job advert I figured, why not pull together the most interesting iOS jobs into an article. I keep telling you that more companies are hiring than there are iOS software engineers looking to be hired. Now here’s the proof.

I was contemplating several forms of establishing a platform that you could refer to. Should I put it on a dedicated Jobs page on Cocoapedia? Make a jobs page on this here blog? Write about it?

All of the above. So far 7 companies have sent me links to their job specifications. Since this is a large enough first sample to call that “many companies” here’s a quick rundown and commentary on the jobs.

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