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Our business has outgrown our capacity. Cocoanetics has 2 large clients with long-term projects plus is successfully selling components that need to be polished and maintained. Add to that our visibility and you can imagine that we get frequently approached with interesting projects that we have to often turn away. “We” refers to myself, Oliver Drobnik and my partner Rene Pirringer. We love to develop and polish apps and are having a blast.

As it currently looks the momentum of the markets we are in is speeding up, not slowing down.

So we are looking to hire …


Junior Developer (iOS/Mac)

This is an entry-level fixed staff position in our Weistrach office.

Law requires us to tell you that payment will be according to the Austrian IT Collective Agreement (“Kollektiv-Vertrag IT”). As your confidence and competence grows, so will your salary. If you prove yourself becoming a partner in our company is a long term possibility.

You will be working with us on our external and internal projects. We’ll start with internal ones (our apps and components) first, then move to external client projects and finally let you develop contract projects all by yourself.


  • some form of IT education so that we don’t have to start with teaching you how to turn on a Mac. (HTL, University, FH, BSc., etc.)
  • a passion for Software development in general and Apple platforms in particular.
  • must speak and be able to express himself in English, German an advantage.
  • experience developing in object-oriented languages. It’s ok if all you know is Java, we’ll get you straightened out in no time.
  • if you developed for iOS or Mac before, then that’s great. But if not, we’ll get you up and running quickly if you’re smart and a fast learner.
  • sorry, no remote work initially as we need to personally train you and introduce you into our projects. We can talk about telework depending on the projects at hand and once an acceptable level of self-sufficiency is reached.

If you read until here then this is probably because you found my blog while looking for a solution about an iOS development problem (i.e. you are a developer). It also means that you can read and understand English. And most likely you’re on a Mac or iOS device right now, because that’s what Google Analytics says about you.

That means you’re qualified! Mail us: jobs@cocoanetics.com

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  1. Great post! But you have to check in Analytics for the origin country as well, as Portugal is not properly an Austrian neighbor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Keep the good work, your posts have already helped me a couple of times!

  2. Congrats on your growth!

  3. I currently look for a new job in that area. Do you employ or do you think about a freelance cooperation?
    I am from Slovakia and Master of Science and made several projects in IT (Postgresql and Oracle database; C++ coding plus design; strong project management and analytic capabilities). And I worked in UK for 2 years.

  4. Are you in Portugal? We are a half Austrian, half Portuguese startup searching for an iOS developer here in Porto ๐Ÿ™‚ Get in touch via @aeberharter