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Radar: Spotlight doesn’t find files if first criteria is file format

While working on my talks for Mobiconf next week, I was looking for a specific file. There I got stumped because Finder wouldn’t show me any files matching my search criteria. Oh well, another day another bug report. This one is nice because I could easily demonstrate it with a screencast.

Filed as rdar://18452284 and on Open Radar.


If you do a Spotlight search in Finder with name + file format the order makes a difference. If the format is first and then the name, then the search yields no results. If the format is second and the name first, then files are found.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Have a folder containing Omnigraffle files amongst files of other types
  2. Enter the beginning of the file name
  3. Space
  4. Enter “Omnigraffle”
  5. In the pop up choose “Omnigraffle Format” under Kinds
  6. Take note that several files appear
  7. remove the Spotlight search text and enter:
  8. “Omnigraffle” first and pick the format as before
  9. Type the beginning of the file name

Expected Results

  • The same results should appear regardless of the order in which you specify the filter criteria

Actual Results

  • with the file name first and the type second you see files
  • with the type first and the file name second you see no files


Workaround is to do it the way that works. 🙂

This video demonstrates the issue:

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