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Siri: Support “Countdown” synonymously with “Timer” in German

This has been bothering me ever since I switched my Siri to German. Now, finally, I radar’d it as rdar://17722963 and on Open Radar. Maybe then it finally has a chance to be fixed, eventually.


When having set Siri to German you can ask for a Timer to be started with “5 Minute Timer”, but not with “5 Minute Countdown”.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Set Siri to German
  • Hold the Home Button to get Siri to listen
  • Ask for “5 Minuten Countdown”

Expected Results

  • a 5 Minute Timer should begin to count down

Actual Results

  • Siri performs a web search for “5 Minuten Count-down”
  • German user gets frustrated


  • This has been bothering me for quite some time


In German both “Timer” and “Countdown” can be used synonymously, both being words borrowed from the English language, both being pronounced the English way.

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