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Radar: Aztec and PDF417 Core Image Generators documentation missing

While researching for my book “Barcodes and iOS” I was looking at the CoreImage generators for barcodes. iOS 7 supports generating QR, Aztec and PDF417 barcodes via CoreImage generators.

But for the latter two the documentation appears to be missing, making those – technically – private APIs. I believe this to be something that was simply overlooked, since those generators seem to work just fine.

Filed as rdar://15989297 and on Open Radar.

Update: An Apple evangelist responded to my inquiry and confirmed that those CI generators are indeed private API and should not be used.



CI has working implementations CIAztecCodeGenerator and CIPDF417BarcodeGenerator. But they are not mentioned in the documentation. I believe these to be missing and causing developer confusion about whether or not these can be used in apps.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Search documentation for CIQRCodeGenerator
  2. Search documentation for CIAztecCodeGenerator
  3. Search documentation for CIPDF417BarcodeGenerator

Expected Results

Documentation for possible parameters should be found for all 3 barcode types in the Core Image Filter Reference.

Actual Results

Documentation is only found for CIQRCodeGenerator.


iOS 7.0.5


There should be no reason for Aztec and PDF417 CI Generators being private since they seem to work. Thus we believe that the documentation was simply forgotten.


any iOS Device

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