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Ziner is using DTCoreText

The developer of an upcoming Google Reader client wanted to share the following with me, and – with his permission – also with you dear reader.

I’m Jay Zhao, the developer of Ziner and I’m very happy to tell you that DTCoreText is great!  Thank you for writing such a great library!

Ziner uses DTCoreText everywhere!

DTCoreText is my open source solution for parsing HTML and rendering attributed text from it. Built on top of it is my commercial component for rich text editing DTRichTextEditor.

Jay Zhao continues:

Ziner is a Google Reader client for iPad. Yes, another Google Reader client, but Ziner is much faster and more beautiful. You can smoothly scroll through articles as fast as you can without encounting any lag. Tested by myself, Ziner is  faster than Reeder, Flipboard, Zite, Google Currents, Feedly, Pluse and probably anything else that uses UIWebView.

During the early days of developing, I was searching for a way to render RSS articles. I tried UIWebView, but It was slow and its memory footprint was huge. Then I found DTCoreText, which is much faster than UIWebView. And because the HTML usage of RSS feeds are often very simple,  DTCoreText fits perfectly in rendering RSS feeds.

Ziner is now in its Beta stage (going to be released at the end of this month) and you can get it here to try it out, I’ll be honoured to have you as a Beta tester!

Thank you again Oliver Drobnik! Without DTCoreText, Ziner will be impossible, hats off to you!

Jay Zhao.
Developer of Ziner.

Pictures of Ziner. All rendered by DTCoreText!

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