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Radar: Scroll Direction setting linked for Mouse and Trackpad

It is understandable to have this ominous “Natural Scrolling” setting for trackpads. And that there is a separate such setting for mice. But I don’t understand why Apple would like these two settings, because somebody working on a laptop might want to use the normal way to scroll with his mouse’s scroll while while using the “natural” setting for his trackpad.

Filed as Radar #12236447 and cross-posted on OpenRadar.

Updated March 6th, 2013: “Works as Intended”

Scroll Direction setting linked for Mouse and Trackpad


When changing the setting to reverse scroll direction for trackpad or mouse the other device’s setting is affected as well.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • check the trackpad scroll direction “natural” setting
  • uncheck the mouse scroll direction

Expected Results:

  • the mouse setting should be separate from the trackpad setting

Actual Results:

  • unchecking the mouse scroll direction checkbox also unchecks the setting for trackpad




This is a nuisance for people who are switching between a notebook internal trackpad and an external USB mouse with trackwheel.

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