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Radar: AirPlay broken if only connected display is VNC

I got an AppleTV for our office and brought over my old Sharp TV which is able to display 720p well enough to be used as a presentation display via AirPlay. When I tried to use AirPlay to display the desktop of a MacMini server I discovered this bug.

The workaround at the moment is to use the AirParrot software which has no problems displaying the desktop. I filed it as rdar://12167290  and mirrored it on OpenRadar.

Update Nov 7th: Apple closed the bug report as a duplicate of rdar://11782381.

AirPlay broken if only connected display is VNC


I have a current model MacMini that was last connected via display port and DIV to an LCD before turning it head less and putting it into my server cabinet.

When connecting via VNC to it and activating AirPlay mirroring you only see color blotches and some text fragments on the TV which is being served by a latest generation AppleTV.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • disconnect any monitor to MacMini
  • connect to it with VNC
  • enable AirPlay

Expected Results:

  • you should see the desktop mirrored via AirPlay

Actual Results:

  • you only see color blotches.




The AppleTV is serving the TV at 720p/60 Hz. The TV is a Sharp Aquos that has a maximum of 1080i.

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