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Radar: WWDC videos should be organized as iTunes U courses

The third kind of Radars I plan to file more are for new features. While the Apple bug reporter is mostly made for reporting and tracking bugs this is also the only way to formally file a feature request. This one relates to WWDC videos and iTunes U.

I am suggesting here to organize the WWDC videos similar to the Stanford CS193P course where you have all the videos and materials aggregated together and can keep track of your progress (“gotta watch ’em all”) independently of whether you have downloaded a video or not.

This was filed as Radar #11716509 and also posted on OpenRadar.

WWDC videos should be organized as iTunes U courses

There are currently 2 ways to consume WWDC videos:

  1. on the developer website
  2. after login on the developer site in a special hidden iTunes section.

Last year Apple introduced a separate iTunes U app on iPad which has the ability to group together videos and materials in “courses”. The main advantage of this is that this tracks which videos you have watched/studied and it provides this without having to download the videos.

You can watch a video streamed but this would still keep track of the viewing progress there. Or you can download a video for offline viewing.

This suggestion is to create one iTunes U course per section in the developer videos and allow registered developers to subscribe to these courses in the iTunes U app on iPad.

This would be of tremendous benefit to developers because at present the only way you can track which videos you have watched is to download all of them into iTunes and use the viewed-tracking there.

Additionally the PDFs of the slides would be also included as course materials. This would be a great way to show off the capabilities of the iTunes U app while making it much easier for developers to consume.

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