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Best New Feature in iOS 6

I saw a certain category of tweets appear since monday that all were following the same pattern. They were about what the user thought the greatest new feature in iOS 6 was for him. So I did a search and found that there are many different signs of whimsy and delight.


Here’s a rundown on the best, which do you agree with? Do you have some that are even best-er?

Many are duplicates, so I cannot possible quote all, so this is just a quick overview.

“Best feature of iOS6 – Not having to enter password to download free app updates or redownload purchases from the cloud!” – Graham Robson

“I like that Do Not Disturb feature. Often woken by friends playing Words with Friends in other time zones” – Benjamin Stevens

“I’ve got to say, the best new feature of iOS 6 is that there about twice as many emoticons!” – James Smith

“Finally: The iPhone’s shutdown spinner is Retina ready in iOS 6.” – Matthew Panzarino

“Best iOS 6 feature : Pull to Refresh in Mail” – Ryan Renna

“Best feature of iOS 6 seems Guided Access, suddenly all apps on app store becomes kiosks! Watch out Windows Embedded!” – Chandana

“IOS 6 >> best feature = maps. Now I’ve got world wide free gps. Sorry tomtom” – Jimi West

“Best new feature of iOS 6: The Bluetooth switch isn’t buried in Settings > General.” – Meek Geek

“Possibly the best new (small) feature of iOS 6: joining of Apple ID and phone number.  *So* much less confusing all around.” – Colin Williams

“iOS 6 dev build in hand. Best feature so far? Per account email signatures. Yeah, I’m easily pleased. Long time coming, though.” – Chris Edinger

New maps + turn-by-turn nav is clearly the best feature fill in iOS 6. Looks like it could be snazzy.” – Adam Pash

“Best New Feature in iOS 6 Is …. SmartGleam” – Tim Klapdor

“Downloading the iOS 6 beta now. The surprising best feature will be the Passbook. I have some awesome ideas for it…” – Dan Harper

Actually Dan, I think I might have the same idea as you. Let’s see who’s is better when we can ship it in the Fall….

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