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DTCoreText Feedback

Always lovely to get Feedback for my work. Here’s a nice e-mail I got from Mustapha Ben Lechhab, a freelancer, who is successfully using DTCoreText to display arabic rich text and an embedded audio player.

DTCoreText lets you easily render HTML text (via NSAttributedString) in your apps without having to use UIWebView. The cool feature this guy used was that you can easily embed your own custom UIViews in the text, for playing an audio or video file.

In his own words …


Hello Oliver,

I am writing you because I successfully integrated DTCoreText into a project, which is live on the App Store. Here is the link of the promo mini website and for the app on the App Store.

It’s an app that aims to inform muslim people in France about funeral prayers. (In Islam, whenever a Muslim dies, other Muslims have to pray for him before he is buried). So this app allows people to know if a funeral prayer is happening near them to participate, and to report what is happening near them to inform other users of the app.

The app is in French but is available wordwide, and it’s free so you can check it out if you want to see how a I used you APIs. (DTCoreText rendered views are in the third item of the UITabBarController).

Of course I mentioned you in the “About section”, you can check it too. By the way if I can give you some feedback:

  • The Arabic right to left support and characters ligation helped me a lot. In fact it was even mandatory for me since my articles mix up French and Arabic text ;
  • So did the support of the video object, I managed to integrate audio right below each text which is very convenient ;
  • I truly understood how to use DTCoreText only with the sample project. In fact I came across the documentation only way after I submitted to the App Store (which was in late January 2012 I believe), maybe at this time the documentation wasn’t clearly linked to in the GitHub ReadMe, I don’t remember.

So I want to thank you, this is a great way to integrate Rich Text in iOS.  Thanks again, and keep up the good work !

kind regards
Mustapha Ben Lechhab

I’m happy to also feature your feedback if you ever find your self using an Open Source or Commercial component of mine.

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