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Autoingest.java – in Objective-C

We are lobbying since 2009 to get Apple to publish a proper API for downloading all kinds of reports.

The first reaction we got was prohibition of ITC scraping. The second reaction was that Apple created the Mobile ITC app which unfortunately lacks any kind of possibility to get the reports out or get monetary amounts. The third reaction was a half-harted publishing of a Java class that is able to download daily and weekly sales reports.

This changes today, at least if you are like me and feel uneasy to use Java for downloading reports.


The DTITCReportDownloader project is a complete rewrite of the Autoingest Java class in proper Objective-C. This way we iOS and Mac developers can at least download these two kinds of reports without having to have a JVM installed.

Please support our cause by duping Radar rdar://6807195 which is still lacking any kind of response. I was told back in 2009 that “if enough developers wanted it” Apple would finally give us the API we are wishing for.

On GitHub: https://github.com/Cocoanetics/DTITCReportDownloader

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