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iPhone 4S on 1-2 Weeks Expedition

Hearing how all these people report on queueing up for buying their iPhone 4S I got a urgent itch myself to scratch. So I asked if somebody could also get me one and lo and behold Cyril from France heard the calling.

Cyril Godefroy, maker of 321Run had only ordered one for himself so he graciously ordered mine as his second iPhone 4S. Ah, the French, how nice people they can be …

Last years unlocked iPhone 4 had come from the UK, because they only started selling these as unlocked some time later in Austria. This year’s price goes to France!


I had planned to wait with my order until Oct 28th which is when the Austrian Online Apple Store will carry them, but alas now I might even get it earlier than my fellow countrymen. Also since they are selling like hot cakes there is a certain danger that this date of availability is only theoretical if they run out of stocks before that time.

Thanks to Cyril I am right there with all the other pioneers!

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