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Chris asked:

Tried all week to get iAds & AdMod into same app. Your DTBannerManager be perfect. Im broke 🙁 do you have a lay away plan 🙂

You are in luck! At the moment I am trying to grow my audience (for both my blog and my products) and to do so I am also willing to enter into cooperations that involve exchanging advertisement for code.

Google Analytics plots visits to Cocoanetics as a slightly upward trend that constantly dips on weekends. I wonder why … only half as many people doing iOS work on weekends?

I previously explored putting a banner ad on several members of the BuySellAds network only to find that with the kind of budget I can muster I can forget about achieving any noticeable effect. If anything, my traffic only moves up by adding additional interesting posts. That’s the “Keep Writing” part of Matt Gemmell’s recently fireballed piece SEO for Non-dicks.

I need more incoming links, as Matt put it  as “Incoming Links are good”, I previously also alluded to that in You Can Thank Me. So how can I get these without having to pay for them? For one thing, I am tweeting about my work as much as I can without getting on people’s nerves.

Chris’ questions gave me an idea, not an actual Layaway Plan (where you pay installments and receive the product once you paid up) but rather a trade. I will pay you $1 per 1000 impressions of this banner ad of mine on your blog.

But instead of getting actual cash you can choose from my components and licenses from my parts store. For obvious reasons that only applies to my own components, you can recognize them by the prefixed DT.

Chris has around 2000 visitors a day too, so that means for putting up my banner until end of year it is only fair that I will let him have the DTBannerManager component he so craves.

I am also looking for writers that would be interested in trading their first publishing rights of articles for code. It would work such that I would pay you a good rate for articles and you could trade in this money the same way.  I cannot promise any specifics here, I need to see it first. After I published your work as guest author on Cocoanetics there is a certain period after which you are free to offer the article to other blogs or publish it on your own.

There might be other possibilities of trades as well, depending on what you can offer. Anything that adds content or traffic to Cocoanetics is of interest to me. It never hurts to ask. I am open to suggestions.

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  1. Seems like a good idea. If my blog were minimally relevant as I expect it to be in the future I’d participate in this trade.

    Hope it goes well.