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Apple Earnings Call

Apple had their quarterly earnings conference call yesterday, here are the highlights:

  1. they continue to far surpass analysts expectations
  2. for the first time iPad sales revenues surpassed the Mac ones
  3. there is some accounting magic necessary, something to do with the expected earnings from people upgrading to Lion
  4. Lion ships today
  5. AppleTV continues to be a “hobby”, but they continue to invest in it because they believe there’s “something there”.
  6. Regarding patent disputes, all they said ways they “like for people to invent their own things” and they will continue to protect their portfolio
  7. A note that there will be a “product transition” (which they are not discussing yet) that will the affect the earnings of the coming quarter.

Can you venture a guess what product will be transitioned? Some think that might have to do with a new iPhone generation. Others would rather bet on the iPod classic being retired.

This chart from Macworld tells a clear story: we iOS developers are on the most lucrative platform (iPhone + iPad), at least in Apple’s books.

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