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Voices that Matter

Publishing Powerhouse Pearson is establishing the Voices that Matter iPhone Developers Conferences as an additional “place to be” for us developers.

Last year I had the opportunity (thanks to three sponsors) to attend the issue in Seattle and I loved the casual intermingling with peers, mixed with great networking and – of course – good talks. Being in Seattle is also a great opportunity to visit the Boing plant and see big airplanes being made as an spare time diversion.

From what I’ve seen there the core audience for the VTM events are beginning programmers who are not totally new to the Apple frameworks, but who need a bit of a kick to advance to the next level. VTM returns to Seattle this spring, April 9-10.

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Somebody seems to think that my voice matters so they again invited me to come to the conference as an attendee but this year I have set my sights on attending my first WWDC and you know that this is orders of magnitude more expensive to do. So it will require the sum total of all my resources to be able to do that.

But that does not mean YOU shouldn’t go if you are in the area or already on the right continent, that is North America. Seattle was chosen as the ideal place for US west coast and Canadians.

I’ve got this promo code for your that affords you $100 off the ticket price: SEABLOG. If somebody asks: tell them you came from Cocoanetics. 🙂 Additionally if you buy your ticket no later than February 25th you get a special early admission rate.

On their website you can see that they lined up a great deal of wonderful speakers. Seeing TUAW’s Erica Sadun live (she chairs the conference) alone is worth the cost. Then there’s Aaron Hillegass (Big Nerd Ranch) and many other’s who have written books for Pearson. That’s probably the reason why I will not be invited as a speaker there any time soon, the largest piece I’m able to write is an educational blog post or lengthy apps. But these guys know their stuff.

Leave a comment below if you’ll attend the VTM, it never hurts to network a bit and become friendly with other iOS developing peers.

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