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Wooden Stands for iPad and iPhone

A few days ago I mentioned to my father-in-law Alois (who happens to be a passionate wood tinkerer) that it would be nice to have something to prop up an iPad for watching movies or playing poker. A quick search yielded one at Wired, a website and the one that Matt Legend Gemmell had recomended: WoodPad

A mere four days later he presented these prototypes to us. Ingenious!

You can see that it works well in portrait and landscape and the iPad stand has two angles at which you can use them, 15 and 25 Degrees. To make it stand even firmer he extended to pieces at the base, so it sits rock-solid on your table. The 15 Degrees also work very well with the picture frame mode which does support landscape as well.

Since the iPhone has much less weight the construction of a wooden stand for it was much simpler. Not only does it look nicer than Apple’s white plastic dock  you can also keep your iPhone sideways and charge it at the same time.

Alois enjoys working with wood so much that he is filling larger and larger orders for bird houses (two models, for feeding and breeding). So I asked him if he would be interested in building these docks to order as well and how much he would charge. He quoted 15 Euros. He is a very modest person.

If you’d like to get such a unique hand-crafted stand, made by Alois in Austria, just mail me your order. Shipping is extra, PayPal accepted. 😉

UPDATE: Several variations are possible for the iPhone stand.

All are made of light and dark beech wood and the angles vary a bit, but the iPhone itself is always at 15 Degrees. We decided to charge 20 Euros plus Shipping for them because. Alois announced that he will donate all proceeds to a good cause anyway because manufacturing these is a hobby for him.

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  1. Very nice. The fine piece for the iPhone would also make a very fine business card holder for my desk. Maybe a little laser engraving!