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While I was concentrating on being newly wed, Michael Dorn launched his app ranking service into an open BETA phase. Because he is no putting all his development efforts into this site he has deprecated AppRanking for FREE which has been available for download from the Dr. Touch blog.

Applyzer is now looking for about 100 people to help test the new server and database. Participation will be for free during the BETA phase, after this time free apps’ data will stay free, paid apps data be available for a small monthly fee.

The BETA phase is scheduled to run until June 30th.

Applyzer has several major advantages over AppRanking for FREE and therefore the software will no longer be available.

  • Top 1000 ranking information, not to be found anywhere else
  • No waiting times, your apps’ information is ready and waiting for you
  • You don’t have to transfer a hundreds of Gigabytes of worthless data from Apple/iTunes to just get the information you want
  • Nice ranking tables and charts

I found that Michael Dorn (not the one from Star Trek) also listens to his users when it comes to wishes for improvement. I had the privilege of participating in the ALPHA phase and there I could see several quantum leaps, most notably related to the performance. 

Applyzer Ranking

Once the service goes live there will also be an API  to download the ranking information and analyze yourself. This is what I am most excited about because I want to add ranking information to MyAppSales.

Please sign up today and give feedback via the provided on-site form.

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