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Wife Widowed, Kids Orphaned 'cause Daddy's got a Mac

(Note from editor: When Dr. Touch is not coding or in surgery he preaches the Mac gospel and sometimes somebody hears the calling and switches. This article illustrates this, the title where his own words on twitter.)

Jayman888Thanks to Dr Touch for the opportunity to make a contribution to his blog. I’m a new MacBook user and have had my gorgeous new white MacBook for 48 whole hours. I’m writing this with it sat on my lap. I’ve decided to give it a name ‘Polo’. I don’t know if the meaning will translate into other countries, but in the UK a polo is a small, white mint and is cool.

I’ve been a PC Windows user all my life; I’m 38 now and started using computers on a regular daily basis in the early to mid 90’s. One of the main reasons for the switch is the slow ‘Applefication’ of my life. It started as I replaced an MP3 player with an iPod shuffle, and then an iPod Classic and then I replaced my mobile with an iPhone.

I work in the media and have done all my working life and have always been exposed to Apple products but always thought they where for ‘creatives’ not business people. I’m the later, not really the former.

I was in the market for a new computer and was looking at either a Samsung NC10 netbook or a Macbook. I was helped along the way with my friends and followers on twitter (@jayman888). Dr Touch certainly helped me make up my mind.

Okay, so reasons for buying

  1. Unrivaled reliability, (my brother has had a MacBook for 5 years, bought 2 new batteries, never crashed or broken down. I’m looking to use mine for running my business on, emails, Twitter, etc etc. I need a Laptop which will never crash or break down.
  2. Unmistakeable style and coolness. Loads and load of people have samey and very boring laptops, the MacBook stand out and looks so cool.
  3. I’ve definitely been subject to ‘Applefication’. It’s like owning a top of the range German car. It just feels right.

So that’s the gushy stuff out of the way. Here’s how I really feel about it. Now that I’ve unpacked it and used it for 2 whole days these are my early thoughts and worries.

After spending nearly 15 years with PC Windows etc, it has been slightly weird doing some really basic bits and bobs on the Mac. The other weird thing is that I’m still using a Windows laptop side by side for my ‘day’ job (company issue). It is however REALLY REFRESHING to be learning a little something different.

Even in my early stages of MacBook ownership I can already feel and experience ‘Mac Logic’ and in time I’ll have forgotten about PC’s, their constant virus issues, crashes and incompatibility issues. I can honestly say, even at this early stage, I have made the right decision to ‘switch’.

So far all I’m doing on the MacBook is writing this, personal emails, Twitter, on Tweetdeck, and planning my new business venture. Dr Touch has given me the idea of starting my own blog so I’ll be doing a bit of that from here too.

I’d love to come back and blog here again in a couple of months to let you all know how Mac life is treating me. (Only if Dr Touch will have me?)

I’ll sign off now, ‘Polo’ and jayman888 have vegetables to water, children to put to bed and a new blog to set up. Thanks for the opportunity to ramble on!

If anyone wants to touch base with me catch me on Twitter, I’ll tweet my blog address once I’ve set it up. Thank you Dr Touch!

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  1. welcome to a better world from a UK mac user of 20 years. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

  2. I’d like to send a warm welcome! To switch from “the world of evil” to the brightness of Apple’s world is the best one can do 🙂 I’ve been switching 4 years ago after 13 frustrating, annoying and psychical incriminatory struggle with Windows. The best I’ve ever done – apart from marrying my wife 😉 All the best with your new, bright, beautiful and above all working MacBook, greetings from Germany!