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The Definitive List of Sales Report Tools

I am trying to convince somebody (other than myself) to do an in-depth comparison of all the ways you can download your app sales reports from iTunes Connect. I wonder why no blogger ever thought of this, clearly there lots of people with apps in the store and all of these are fed up with the crappy way of manually downloading the reports from Apple.

So far the only blogger who made an effort to compare sales report and ranking tools available was MarkJ.net. Another one can be found on MacStories.net.

All of these would benefit if we could nudge Apple towards creating a Web 3.0 open report download API. Because then we could compete on merit of our tools and not of who does the best marketing or who was able to fool Apple or not.


So here’s the list I was able to google together, your comments are invited if you use one of these tools or maybe one that I did not find. And if you are a serious blogger who is interested to create something that does not yet exist on the internet then please use this list as a starting point for a side-by-side comparison in the three major categories: Desktop, Mobile, Online.





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