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Stanford University iPhone Programming Course

Stanford UniversityFamous Standford University goes the way of the modern educational institution and beginning today makes it’s iPhone Programming Course available in parallel on iTunes U for free while it is being taught live in class by original Apple framework guru Evan Doll. So you don’t get a dusty teacher figure, but the real thing!

I encourage all students of Cocoa Touch to participate in the sessions. Simply subscribe to the video podcast on  iTunes U and watch it comfortably at home or on your iPhone. The course material including downloads and assignments can be found on an accompanying web site. Don’t be fooled by the low price tag: FREE. People usually don’t appreciate what can be had for nothing, but in this case you probably cannot find anything better.

The course starts out with basic syntax and how the frameworks are structured but in the middle of it pupils will even create their very own Twitter Client!

Personally I made myself the promise of spending at least half an hour a day doing something related to Objective-C or Cocoa Touch so that my development muscles continue to develop (pun intendet). Some days you might be too tired to fire up XCode or even to look for easy programming riddles to solve on the iPhone Dev SDK forum. The standford course is the ideal excuse to fill your quota while kicking back a little.

The first one hour lecture is already available and deals with some basic fundamentals. Next week they said that they’ll touch on debugging so I am really looking forward to this.

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  1. I find it quite funny that they will not be discussing 3.0 due to the NDA. Yet in their video, interface builder has stuff that is not in 2.x

    Also, what does the random check box do under your comment box?

  2. I think the checkbox under comments allows to subscribe to answers. I am new to WordPress, don’t know all the features or plugins that are useful.

  3. @drops Well there is that checkbox and another below (without a label) that seems to always be checked by default.

  4. The lonely checkbox is from the wp-subscriptions plugin and if it is checked then you are subscribed to all comments to this article.