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Localization Workaround

Trebor asks:

“When I add a new localization, there are just a few choices:





I thought that the system needed “fr” to know it is French and “de” to know it is German?

Will it recognize the word “German” and know that is the same as a de.lprog?

If the answer is yes, does it know the full names of all languages?

For example, if I want to add Chinese, can I call the localization “Chinese” or do I need to call it zh?”

I believe the following to be true. Xcode is still putting in English as first localization if you make a file localizable. This works, but the “modern way” to do things (or so I read) is to use the two letter iso codes. The problem is, that if you remove the English then you can never add any new localization. That’s a bug in Xcode.

So I do it like this:

  • create the file
  • make it localizable
  • add localizations for all locales you require, including English: en, de, it, es, fr, nl
  • LEAVE English empty, but put English into the “en” locale

Do not remove the “English”, because then XCode will not allow you to add new localizations in the future.

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