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Exercise: Compile Wolfenstein 3D for iPhone

If you are around my age then the first 3D Shooter you have played might have been Wolfenstein 3D. Still unforgotten and causing a smile are the words “Ahhh, mein Leben!” shouted by German soldiers expiring.

John Carmack, coding god and founder of ID software has spent some time on creating an iPhone conversion and graciously provides the source code for it on ID’s FTP server.

If you download it and dig through the ZIP file you will find a letter from John and a read me explaining that the iPhone code is found in wolf3d/newCode/iphone. Browse there and open the wolf3d.xproj file to open the project in XCode.

If you just hit Build&Go you get two error messages where two symbols cannot be resolved by the linker. There is a workaround on GhostRadio.net with which you can compile and run Wolf3D on the iPhone Simulator.

If you switch to iPhone as target platform you get the usual message that the currently set certificate cannot be found for code signing.


Code Signing Identity ‘iPhone Developer: Cass Everitt’ does not match any code-signing certificate in your keychain.


This is easy to fix. Simply replace the mentioned signing identity with your own development identity. This is in the info of target wolf3d.

After this you are good to go. The app installs on your development iPhone and runs very well. At first I thought that sound was missing, but that was because my ringer switch was off. πŸ˜‰

Wolfenstein 3D on iPhone

Next I’ll insert my own “Mein iPhone!” sound effect for a more modern touch. πŸ˜‰

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