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San Francisco, here I come!

I’ve been hired by scribd to help jumpstart one of their iOS-related projects. That means I’ll soon grab my bags and hop onto a train that brings me to Vienna from where my plane leaves early morning Saturday, March 12th. I will be flying via London Heathrow to San Francisco where two busy work weeks are awaiting me.

I am mentioning this for some reasons, obvious and less obvious ones. Of course I like to gloat a bit, but I am also mentioning my trip because it might cause extensive delays when responding to your e-mails.

Just how does one land such a gig? I can only assume that my online activities and networking have played a role. This includes my educational articles from which people might deduct that I am serious about Cocoa. It also includes my open source projects, one might think that CoreText might be one of the technologies that scribd has a vested interest in.

It’s the second time that I visit San Francisco, the first time that I am aware of Apple’s HQ being near. If you have some recommendations for a visiting iOS developer like myself, let me know.

I will have free WiFi at the Hilton where I’m booked into. But I wonder: is there some kind of prepaid micro-SIM that one could get for a 2 week stay in the US that would give me a bit of voice and a bit of data. Just enough to use Google Maps or other connected apps while being out and about the town?

Also, how would one approach visiting the mothership at Cupertino? It’s about an hour by car and like 3 hours by bus… should I maybe get a rental car? Or better to hook up with local talent? Speaking of which… is there any? I’ve been tweeting about my visit for several days now, but only one mentioned he is local to SF.

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