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Our Customers

Appart from our apps on the store people also turn to to their app ideas a reality. Here is a selection of our customers.

ELO Digital Office GmbH

ELO specializes in managing digital contents and workflows in medium to big enterprises.

ELO for Mobile Devices

We developed the iPhone client for accessing ELO’s digital document management system. This involves interacting with the ELO server, navigating folder structures, display of individual documents and task flow management features.

We are continuing to innovate together with ELO on both iPhone and iPad. ELO for Smartphone 2011 on App Store, ELO for Mobile Devices on App Store.

Austrian Economics Center

The Austrian Economics Center is an institute interested in furthering economic growth in Austria, they describe their main goal as a “free and responsible society”.

Dictionary of Economic Terms

Based on two word documents we created a German/English app that lets the user look up economic terms in either of these languages and get an explanation in the language set on his device. There is a history of sought terms as well as a Word of the Day page. On this page the user can choose to receive a local push notification with a new term every day at a time of his choosing. The challenge of this app was in the little amount of time (less than a week) that was available for converting the source material into an app that could be submitted to Apple.

The app is available for free on the app store.


AdsReloaded is an advertising network with a twist. They pay users to download apps to produce a win-win for both the users, who get paid for downloading as well as developers who get greater exposure for their apps. We developed a framework that developers can drop into their apps so that they can register with the AdsReloaded server to be counted. State-of-the-art Security Mechanisms were added to prevent tampering and artificial inflation of download numbers.

International Color Services

ICS specializes in digital pre-press services for top-brand retailers and cataloguers. ICS is our worldwide exclusive commercial partner who is marketing this product while we take care of the code.


Over a course of 3 months we developed the underlying framework to power several catalogue apps. These bring together the best of both worlds: you have a beautiful catalog to browse through and the connectedness of an Internet device for sharing and purchasing products.

It was especially important to polish the user experience so that it gets out of the way and lets the catalogue content shine. Interactive elements like clothing color changers or video and audio add user involvement that is not possible with paper alone. The framework is designed to be flexible enough to use for a wide variety of catalogues. An in-app editor allows for WYSIWYG editing of catalogues and makes transforming a pre-print PDF into an iPad app a breeze.

The first four free iCatalog Apps where made for 4 brands owned by major online shopping retailor Red Cats: Jessica London, Woman Within, Roaman’s and Kingsize Direct.


MobFox is a young advertising network based in Vienna, Austria. They hired us to rewrite their advertising SDK from ground up to simplify usage in developer’s apps. This included modeling the the API after the ones of iAd and AdMob and packaging it as a framework to allow for drag’n’drop installation.

More info our MobFox project can be found here.


Andreas Heck, runs an iPhone app development business and partnered with us for creating an iOS-based betting app for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

WC Betting Pools

Creating of this app took about a month and was especially challenging due to shifting targets related to the design and feature set of the app, while having a looming deadline. The app absolutely had to be in the app store before the start of the World Cup.

Most of the UI elements are skinned table views using a custom-developed skinning mechanism to achieve the unique look. The game logic resides on a server and therefore the app needs to monitor internet connectivity and provide a responsive UI even during data being sent. This is achieved by having the app engine make excessive use of operation queues.

The difference between the regular and the pro version was the ability to create your own betting pools. The lower priced version also offers the possibility to upgrade via in app purchase. This app was meant as an instant-gratification throw-away app. The soccer World Cup may be over but we still consider this app to be our most beautiful so far.

There are two behind the scenes videos available giving a tour of the app and the project behind it.

Michael Görmann

Michael Görmann is passionate about his photography art using infrared technology.

The artist approached us wishing for sort of a calling card  app. He envisioned to be able to provide his visually impressive infrared photos for free to users to be used as iPhone wallpapers. Our partner Ciqua came up with an inexpensive yet visually appealing approach which found immediate liking of the German app store team. So it was featured as “New and Notable” immediately after approval.

IR Photography was downloaded over 55,000 times in 8 days making it jump to top rank in free photography-realted downloads in Austria and Germany, as well as top 10 in all free apps. Infrared Photography is available for free on iTunes.

Our work on image downloading, caching and presenting is also attracting other customers wishing for similar apps presenting their works.

AuVi – The Ultimate Audiovisual Project

Inspired by the work we did for Michael Görmann this app goes one step further.


Built from ground up on the foundation that the IR Photo app provided it features not one but 5 file streams: Landscape, Portrait, Frontpage Images, Movies and Ringtones. All files are easily maintained by the artists on their server. The app parses an automatically generated XML index for each stream and displays them in an intuitive user interface.

AuVi features dynamic detection of Internet Connectivity which is necessary for the downloading to work. It runs well under iOS 3.x and 4.x which was especially difficult because of Apple enhancing the movie player classes. On 4.0 and above it also features fast app switching.

AuVi is available for free on iTunes.

Current Clinical Strategies Publishing

CCS Publishing has an extensive catalog of medical documentation and learning aids. We helped to bring this content onto the iPhone.

H1N1 Swine Flu Defender

The customer approached us with the task of developing this app from scratch in less than 2 weeks due to an expected major outbreak of H1N1. So we set up to create a check list engine, which allows the user to answer questions in multiple categories which help a medical professional assess the likelyhood of a H1N1 infection. The summary report can be saved or mailed as HTML E-Mail. H1N1 Swine Flu Defender is available on iTunes.

This time-critical app was finished in 10 days and flash-approved by apple on special request.

Chest X-Ray Interpreter

At first we where approached with the task of “fixing” an existing version of this app which was made by another vendor. But because of the crappy programming design we chose to enhance our check list engine to fulfill the customer’s need in record time and record cost. In this example you are guided through a number of areas in interpreting a chest x-ray photo. You answer questions and an ad-hoc diagnosis slides in below. At the end you get a summary report which you can save or e-mail. Additionally there is an image gallery with sample images about certain patient conditions. Chest X-Ray Interpreter is available on iTunes

Because of the high reusability of our code the customer was able to exchange the content of this app and also make a CT Scan Interpreter at no extra cost.

USMLE Wiz 1 Flash Memory Cards

We developed a highly reusable flash card app engine from scratch. The USMLE is an important medical examination for which users can study with this app. Users can select from multiple categories where they are presented with medical questions. They can turn over the card to see the answer. If they did not know the answer they can put the question into a study folder from where they can repeat the process. USMLE Wiz 1 is available on iTunes.

We helped the customer to set up one XCode project with all derived apps so that he could easily update all apps using the same engine if there was a bugfix are new feature to the underlying app. Also because of the app design the customer was able to create a multitude of similar apps, each with different content: USMLE Wiz 2, PALS Wiz, Microbiology Wiz, NCLEX-RN Wiz, ACLS Wiz.

Medicine On-Call

For this app we partnered with Ciqua to co-develop a comprehensive e-Book app engine. This book contains treatments and laboratory test orders for diseases which are likely to be encountered when working in a hospital. It was especially challenging to clean up the provided HTML code which was made by exporting a WordPorfect document. Our engine allows for quick transformation of any sectioned HTML document into an eBook. Medicine On-Call is available on iTunes.

Our e-Book app engine requires such a low implementation overhead that the customer was able to create History and Physical Examination without our involvement.