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Twitter Curator Demo

I get so fed up with how YouTube mangles the screen recordings of QuickTime that I purchased Screenflow. I wanted to show off my specialized Twitter search tool that I’m working on besides of my regular projects. A “Hobby” if you will.

I would very much appreciate if you would take a few minutes to watch it and then let me hear your thoughts. If you have some ideas for improvements then don’t hesitate to let me know.

Primarily this is to make it faster to curate Tweets related to iOS and OS X jobs. The ideas is that you will be able to combine multiple searches and then have powerful filters to whittle down the results to a manageable size. Right now you can filter by user, linked domain and also restrict to certain languages as reported by the language ISO code.

Let me know if this is the sort of research/curation tool that you would buy in addition to your favorite Twitter client. It’s not supposed to replace any of these, but rather supplement for situations where you want to filter the world of Twitter for business or pleasure.


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