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I once dabbled a bit in podcasting myself with the Dr. Touch / Cocoanetics podcast, but I decided that I am not going to continue that on my own. I still like to TALK about it, if there’s somebody out there looking for a co-host …

Update: I resurrected the Cocoanetics Podcast! Subscribe to it on iTunes or add the RSS feed to your favorite podcasting app or listen to the shows right on this website.

Whenever I walk the dog, doing chores or “grounding myself” while gardening I like to listen when experts in our industry are discussing latest developments that impact my professional live as iOS developer.

So I asked on Twitter what your favorite related shows are and from the answers I made this list. And YES I checked it twice (several people were asking).

These are your favorite podcasts related to iOS/Mac development and Apple in general.

  • “Pretty much Everything from 5BY5″ – 2 Votes
    • Build and Analyze: 4 Votes – “Brilliant”, “It’s great!”, “Personal favorite”
      Listeners agree that host Marco Arment, founder of Instapaper, is a brilliant host and listening to him makes us all feel smarter.
    • The Talkshow: Host John Gruber, Apple fanboy par excellence, discusses all around Apple.
    • Hypercritical: John Siracusa of Ars Technica fame presents the critical view of Apple’s doings.
  • NSBrief: “A brief podcast cast for Cocoa developers, talking about interesting developer-y stuff” – 2 Votes
  • iDeveloper Live – 1 Vote
  • IRQ Conflict: an interesting format: “Apple Developer. Microsoft Developer. FIGHT!” – 1 Vote
  • We Have Communicators – 1 Vote
  • Cocos2D Podcast: Indie Game Developer Steffen Itterheim talks about topics related to learning to use this game engine – 1 Vote

There are two more shows that I myself like with a bit of a broader scope. Strangely I was the only one mentioning these, so it seems that 5BY5 has a way larger mindshare in developers than the well established TWIT network.

  • This Week in Tech: Host Leo Laporte is a seasoned radio pro that manages to gather around tech journalists discussing the broader IT eco system we care about.
  • MacBreak Weekly: The broadest opinion fest possible when it comes to Apple products.
The third major network is Wizzard Media, providing several interesting feeds:
  • Mac OS Ken: Host Ken Ray hosts this daily news show focussing on Mac and Apple news.
  • Today in iOS: A very well made news podcast on the “latest happenings in the iPhone OS world”

Also mentioned where these podcasts, either not updated in a while or hardly relevant:

If you feel that this list is incomplete please drop your suggestions in the comment box.

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