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Over the last 8 months I worked almost exclusively on my book on Barcodes with iOS 7. That meant that during this time I could not take on any new projects. That has changed now, that my book is feature complete. There are some edits remaining to be made, as well as adding info on enhancements coming in iOS 8.

But as I need to earn a living I am now back on the market for taking on project work. I am acting Developer Evangelist for our Product Layer startup and am now looking for contract work to fill the income gap. I’ve summarized my skills and interests for your reference.


Oliver DrobnikFor your consideration…

Oliver Drobnik holds an IT engineer’s degree from Austrian college Spengergasse. Unfortunately that was way before Bachelor’s degree became a thing in Europe. So this is roughly equivalent to a Bachelor of Science.

Oliver has been developing iOS apps since the SDK was released in Summer 2008 and turned full-time iOS developer in January 2009. This equates to 5.5 years experience at the time of this writing. He started out with a few apps of his own, started to sell proprietary software components via his parts store and maintains several well-known Open Source projects. Most notably DTCoreText. You can see a list of clients here.

Oliver loves to develop software for Apple platforms, his expertise includes:

  • iOS and Mac text technologies: Core Text and TextKit
  • Barcode technologies in mobile applications
  • Core Data, background processing
  • Test-driven development and coverage management
  • Performance optimization and finding/fixing obscure bugs
  • Managing Open Source projects
  • Developing for Mac OS X and iOS in parallel
  • Interacting with Apple (app review, bug reports, DTS, marketing)

Particularily, Oliver loves to tinker with niche/new technologies and develop libraries/frameworks with clean interfaces, good documentation and sufficient unit tests. He likes to teach software development techniques and best practices. He loves to stamp out app prototypes.

Oliver is based in Vienna, Austria and not interested in permanent relocation to other countries. Work is either remote or on-site on weekdays. You can get in touch by e-mail if you have an interesting project that could benefit from his involvement.

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