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Book Updated!

Readers of my book get good news today! My publisher Manning released version of the MEAP-version of the book.

Previously available chapters 1 through 3 have been reworked based on the feedback several reviewers gave. There were some tough requests which I just couldn’t fit into the style of the book. But for the most part the book has become much better for it.

If you haven’t pre-ordered the book via Manning’s Early Access Program (MEAP) then please do so today!

Chapter 4 now provides an in-depth explanation about how to create and validate a Passbook pass/ticket. Passbook fits with the barcode theme because barcodes are the technology used for data transfer. It even features an excursion into Ruby-land for the generation portion!

Chapter 5 extensively covers the native capability of iOS 7 for generating barcodes. It also – finally! – features BarCodeKit your (€150 value) bonus for generating 1D barcodes. Besides the direct context of barcodes it also goes into AirPrint techniques for printing sheets of stickers as well as specific treatment of roll-feed printers.

The sample source code now contains the source of BarCodeKit. Many readers were looking forward to this and asked about how to access it. It’s now in there!

Be sure to glance at the forum to voice your feedback and interact with other developers reading the book. I am monitoring it for good questions and suggestions.

Version 2 showing in Manning Bookshelf

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