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Happy New Year, Young Steve Jobs!

When toymaker Legendary Toys announced that they’ll do a new run of Steve Jobs action figures I know that I had to have one. There once was a very life-like “Old Steve Jobs”, but they got legal problems with the SJ estate. This is also why some of the figures you can still get are named “CEO Action Figure”. They look more or less like Steve, but they don’t dare to use the name.

BSA Banner

Then there was the LEGO Steve Jobs, I’m only mentioning because it made me laugh out loud. How much would you pay for that?

LEGO Steve Jobs

“great new condition

Cheap Shipping. Must buy for any apple fan!

limited quantities. buy today!”

Some people also got the big head version of the old Steve. Frankly if he wasn’t holding an iPhone then I would not recognize him. Another disadvantage is that you cannot pose him, only exchange the hand amongst a few alternatives.

Big Head Steve Jobs

When in icons announced that they will be doing a Steve Jobs action figure, Apple immediately threatened a law suit. So they quickly shipped a few they already had in the pipeline and then put out an announcement where they state that they had experienced “immense pressure from the lawers of Apple and Steve Jobs family”.

Some time passed and then another company, Legendary Toys, figured that if they were quick they could also sell a few of the Steves before being sued out of existence. They are now offering two young Steves and one old one and so far there was no report of any legal action against them yet. Possibly being based in Japan instead of the US might work in their favor in this matter, since using a person’s name and likeness is apparently US state law.

On January 24th, 2014 it will be the 30 anniversary of Steve Jobs unveiling the Macintosh computer. Legendary Toys did not advertise the old Steve and so when I ordered a young one I thought this was the only one available.

I did an unboxing video for your viewing pleasure.

Steve will get a place of honor in my collection of iOS devices. I am absolutely not ashamed of playing with this awesome action figure.

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  1. Not that old yet. 2014 – 1984 = 30th anniversary.

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