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BarCodeKit 1.0.1

Not much time has passed since the initial release of BarCodeKit. But time enough for Mr. Andy Qua to generously provide an implementation for the Interleaved 2of5 code.



  • ADDED: Implementation for Interleaved 2 of 5 Code

The Interleaved 2of5 Code is apparently used in scenarios where you need to represent a variable-length number. One use case for that might be baggage tracking at airports.

Interleaved 2of5 generated with BarCodeKit

Andy commented his experience implementing this code within the structure of the BarCodeKit as such:

“Your library was nice and easy to understand – logical and obvious!” – Andy Qua

If you would like to contribute an implementation for a code type not yet represented I am interested in trading you a free license of BarCodeKit for use in your own apps for it.

The update is tagged on the private repo as well available via our private CocoaPods repo.

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