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Linguan and Xcode 5

Some people have reported that on a system where they installed Xcode 5 in parallel they found that Linguan gets stuck opening projects.

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Aparently the reason for this is that somehow the system gets confused with this kind of parallel installation. A friendly developer has found that running xcode-select can be used to remedy this.

xcode-select --switch /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer

A different solution is to disable XIB parsing via the Linguan settings. Linguan uses ibtool to parse and merge XIB files and story boards. However if you use base localization you don’t really need this any more.

If you find that you get in the same situation please try and run the ibtool which is set up in your configuration on all XIB and storyboard files of your project.

The ibtool is run in two variants, for loading XIB and Storyboard files …

/path/to/ibtool --generate-strings-file <tmp_strings_file> <xib_absolute_path>

… and for merging strings back into XIBs …

/path/to/ibtool --strings-file <strings_file> <original_xib> –write <merged_xib>

I think it would be the first variant that is to be blamed.

We suspect that there might be a bug in the ibtool that is part of Xcode 5 and so it would be beneficial if you could isolate this and report it to Apple via Bug Reporter.

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