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DTRichTextEditor 1.6.1

This is a maintenance update for DTRichTextEditor, for the most part bringing the changes in DTCoreText 1.6.1 into the editor plus a small fix.



  • FIXED: Pasted plain text missing typing attributes
  • ADDED: DTProcessCustomHTMLAttributes in Demo App parsing options
  • CHANGED: Processing of Custom HTML Attributes is now optional and defaults to off.
  • CHANGED: Updated DTCoreText to 1.6.1

On iOS it is quite rare to have only plain text on the pasteboard. UITextView and UITextField generally add text in two formats to the pasteboard: Web Archive and Plain Text. If there is a Web Archive on the pasteboard then the editor will parse that and insert the resulting attributed string.

However if the developer added only a plain text string to the pasteboard then this would reach this rarely used branch in the paste: function. This was a problem because the editor needs to have a font attribute present for all characters of the edited attributed string. Plain text is now treated as if you entered it with the keyboard, taking on the attributes from the surrounding text.

The update is tagged in the private repo and also available via private CocoaPods spec.

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