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DTCoreText 1.5.3

Last update before WWDC. This is a maintenance release fixing some pressing issues, some of which were causing crashing.



  • FIXED: When encountering an unknown font family a NULL font would be returned, causing crashes in connection with lists
  • FIXED: Strings with attachments would not get a font assigned when using DTCoreText via CocoaPods
  • FIXED: DTHTMLWriter now properly escapes tab characters found in attributed strings
  • FIXED: Crash when encountering characters post end of closing HTML tag
  • FIXED: Loading available fonts into override table would lock on synchronize, causing a long delay for parsing
  • FIXED: sizeThatFits would return incorrect value for empty string
  • FIXED: Position of highlighting on RTL text was incorrect
  • ADDED: Delegates are now using zeroing weak references if permitted by the deployment target setting
  • ADDED: Documentation for DTTextAttachment to note that parsed attributes are lower-case
  • UPDATED: DTFoundation to 1.4.3

The update – as usual – is available on GitHub via the 1.5.3 tag or via CocoaPods.

Update: Thank you Simon Booth for reporting and fixing two further issues. They were important enough to included them in this version. Also I re-tagged the release.

  • FIXED: Build fails with deployment target iOS 6
  • FIXED: CSS font-size without unit would get ignored

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