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Highlight: Pocket Informant Pro

Alex Kac, CEO/Founder of WebIS yesterday announced that Apple had approved their major new version 3 of Pocket Informant. We like to highlight satisfied clients who put our components to good use, Pocket Informant 3 uses DTRichTextEditor.

WebIS highlights “Rich Notes” as major new feature of the new version.

Rich Notes – we now have a full featured Rich Text editor for notes. We’ve got a lot more coming here, but today you can set styles, fonts, typefaces, lists, and more.

WebIS has been a key sponsor of the component helping us to enhance the feature set and API of the component with support for lists. This had long been on our roadmap, but without WebIS’ sponsorship we could not have brought it to fruition.

Pocket Informant Pro 3

WebIS integrated the cutting edge version 1.5 of DTRichTextEditor to enable this feature. Kac had this to say when asked for a testimonial:

“Working with Oliver has been a tremendous joy. We simply could not have shipped on-time and with the quality of rich text support as we did without him. The DTRichTextEditor is a fabulous control with lots of great tools, utilities that we were able to use such as DTHTMLWriter and other classes. I heartily recommend both the control and Oliver.”

The Pro Version of Pocket Informant will be released on Tuesday May 21st as a free update to existing 2.x customers. WebIS also offers a free Go! version which will be receiving the 3.0 treatment in the near future.

If you buy a license to DTRichTextEditor you receive full access to all source code residing on our private git server. To celebrate the launch of Pocket Informant please mention keyword PI10 for 10% discount when you buy a license until May 31st.

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