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AutoIngest for Mac 0.5.0

This weeks update to AutoIngest for Mac (a comunity-driven Mac status bar app for downloading sales reports) brings support for downloading from multiple vendor identifiers.

Your vendor identifier is an 8-digit number beginning with an 8. Usually you have only one, but if you – for example – move from an Individual to a Company Apple developer account, then your old ID is retired and you get a new one. There might be also other scenarios for people having multiple, now AutoIngest for Mac supports that.



  • ADDED: Support for multiple vendor identifiers

For the validation I implemented an NSTokenField, the learnings from that I summarized in a separate article.

AutoIngest token field

I hope you are enjoying this new version AutoIngest for Mac! It is available via auto-update, direct download as well as full source on GitHub. The binary builds have Sparkle for OTA updating and are signed with Developer ID.

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