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AutoIngest for Mac 0.2

AutoIngest for Mac is a small app that runs in your status bar and downloads your app sales reports. This helps you keep an independent archive of all your reports without having to rely on a third party.

At present in the Daily, Monthly, Weekly and Yearly flavors. You can also activate the auto-download where it will do the downloading every 24 hours. You can put this on each of your Macs if you download the reports to a shared Dropbox folder because each instance will automatically skip report files that are already present locally.

Version 0.2 is the first version that we are distributing as a Developer ID-signed app. This is convenient for people who don’t want to build it from source code but still want to have a version they know they can trust, with a Developer ID signature.

I am excited that already several people have stepped forward to add a bit of their own brains to the matter.

  • Rico Becker helped with some initial cleanup and he implemented a placeholder animated icon
  • Jan further tuned some things Mac-specific things
  • Christian Pfandler painstakingly put together a 87-frame long status icon animation

Here’s a large version of the icon animation that runs in the status bar while report synching is going on.

AutoIngest Icon Animation

The idea behind the icon is that Apple is a fruit and to ingest something in this regard you have to take bites out of it. Cute, isn’t it?

Download the App (zip)


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  1. hi guys,
    great idea and work, could you make it compatible with mac os 10.7 ?

  2. It is open source! I can be everything you want it to be. In the least add a feature request to the issue list on GitHub, or better yet, make it yourself and send a pull request