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New Year, in Context

What’s the appropriate New Year Greeting for a Cocoa Geek? He reverse-engineers something that Apple made into saying the wishes for him:

This is what my DTMenuViewController will look like or rather already does look like. Just like the one Apple includes since iPhone OS 3.0, but with any kind of labels you like to have. And any kind of colors you like. To prove that point, I made the NEW red. NEW Year. NEW Luck.

2010 will be great, I just know it. I remember that 2010 always was “the future” for me. Cool stuff, near enough to live to see it, yet far away enough so that some technical breakthroughs could happen. Stanley Kubrik’s 2001 was “in the future” and 2010 was even further futuristic. So that’s partially what imprinted this year in the back of my head as a goal to live to see it healthy and hopefully a bit wealth and a bit wise.

2010 will also be great because I am counting on the iSlate to double my market for Cocoa-written apps practically over night, one fateful Summer 2010 day.

Now that 2010 is almost upon us, the future has arrived and in a weird sense it just feels like the present. Duh. What’s the next year we should aim to see without any local or global health disasters?

Stay tuned for what’s coming on this blog in 2010. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Update Jan 1st: YouTube Demonstration.

Update Jan 2nd: I made a demo showing of DTCalendarController in a Tap&Hold Tableview.

Source Code for this component is available for 100 Euros. A professional invoice is available if you need it for your professional app.

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  1. Happy New Year Oliver….here is to a great 2010 and a brand new decade!


  2. Is the DTMenuViewController available for licensing? Would be great!

  3. Yes, I wrote it especially for that.

  4. What is the link to the Parts Store?

  5. It’s not yet a site per se, but all the components and source apps I have developed. I’m going to either make a specific site or add a shopping basked on this site.

    Until I get around to doing that it’s all via e-mail and PayPal.

  6. Kewl. Have a look at It would work nicely for what you are trying to do.

  7. I signed up with cartloom but I am stuck, I don’t know how to package the svn such that I can sell it via cartloom.