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"AppRanking for FREE" by Michael Dorn

NOTE: AppRanking has been deprecated in favor of Applyzer.

Michael Dorn (my collaborator on LuckyWheel) just couldn’t stand having to dig through iTunes to find how our game is doing in 62 iTunes countries. So he took it upon himself to create a nifty tool that allows you to conveniently look up rankings of any app. He wrote it in RealBASIC as an OSX desktop app in less than one day.

AppRanking Screenshot

Michael makes it available to all readers of Dr. Touch because it’s just soooo useful. And for free, that’s how nice he is!

AppRanking for FREE (No longer available, see above note)

It’s a ZIP file with an Mac APP inside. Again, like all free software this comes without any warranty. Use at your own risk.

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  1. Def need to put this into My App Sales 🙂

  2. Amazing tool! It’s really a time-savior. Do you plan on updating it to include “accounts” – to trace several apps without the need of reentering and showing the changes since the last update? Showing long-time graphs would be perfect – or at least a way of dumping data in text format, to be exported in MS Excel.
    Right now, I need to save screenshots, because I can’t remember the last position of the traced app.

    I’ve been thinking of hiring a web developer to write this sort of tool for me, so if you make it a professional tool with fair price, I’d gladly pay for it.