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AppRanking 1.1.2

AppRanking IconNOTE: AppRanking has been deprecated in favor of Applyzer.

While other people where looking for easter eggs Michael Dorn searched for and eliminated some bugs unintential easter eggs in AppRanking.  What’s new?

  • An icon
  • No more crashes when unchecking and reloading ranks
  • Adding of your apps is now more intuitive, following the plus and minus paradigm.

Known issues

  • Minor: In the ranking history you need to click the category header twice to make the sort order change
  • Minor: Some English spelling mistakes 

AppRanking 1.1.2

AppRanking (No longer available, see above note)

It’s free, but please donate any amount that pleases you if you like AppRanking and want for Michael to keep improving it.

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    Your AppRanking Program is best~!!

    I want to AppRanking Program!

    Where am I downloading the AppRanking Program?
    Please send to my E-Mail with downloading Url Link~!!

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  2. AppRanking does not exist any more. Please use Applyzer or MajikRank.


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